Small Backyard Design Inspirations for Personal Outdoor Retreat

Just like when you are working with a small room, a small backyard also offers you a challenge due to the limited space available. Even so, it does not mean your small backyard cannot provide you a calm and relaxing retreat you can visit anytime whenever you need to unwind. Today, we will take you to see some of the most beautiful small backyard design inspirations to show you how your small outdoor space can also turn into your personal retreat.

One of the best small backyard design ideas is to incorporate an outdoor room so you can always visit the space to relax, alone or with family or friends. The small space even can make it into a more intimate place to gather and chat! Set up a freestanding pergola and you’ll have a cozy, shaded place underneath to group outdoor chairs and table. The pergola does not only provide you a sense of enclosure and protection from sunlight, but also can help make your small patio look larger.

You may want to steal the look from the amazing small backyard design ideas with a pool. Even so, in some cases, this can be impossible for you. If a swimming pool is not feasible, try a dipping pool instead. Alternatively, what about a reflecting pool with birdbath instead? You can use a large terracotta bowls, accompanied by pots and planters full of fragrant herbs and flowers to create textures and layers for a more beautiful small garden. The water element can add certain appeal to your small outdoor space.

But if you’re more interested in small backyard design for entertaining, then you will need to make a sacrifice. We recommend you to remove the sod and eliminate the lawn in order to establish a functional outdoor living area. What about tearing up the turf and replace it with a gravel base instead? This way, the space can support an outdoor dining area along with flower-filled garden containers. Plus, you don’t need to spend time and money to mow yet you can still enjoy the outdoor space.

There are so many wonderful small backyard design out there that can look even more fascinating with the wildlife entering the picture. The birdbath is a simple way to invite the birds, and you can let the butterflies come in by adding a garden bed filled with their favorites, such as phlox and black-eyed Susan. A birdhouse and bird feeder can also add to the features for a wildlife-friendly small garden.

Description: Small backyard design inspirations prove you that the limited space available in your outdoor space should not become a reason not to make it a better and inviting place to relax.



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