Inspiring Brown and Turquoise Living Room Interior Decorating Ideas

Both brown and turquoise are colors associated with nature. Brown and its various shades are related to the earthy colors with warm appeal most of the times, while turquoise can easily remind you of the gemstone or sparkling ocean water. What will happen when these two colors meet in a room? There are some of the most enchanting brown and turquoise living room inspirations below you will never want to miss so easily, providing you references to expand the possibilities of interior color scheme options you can use for a remodel in the future.

Luckily, there are so many brown and turquoise living room ideas out there you can find, offering you more than enough references to keep you inspired. Brown itself is one of the neutral colors, but its distinct characteristics make this color even more appealing than the popular black and white. In fact, brown has a strength that is to relate to other colors easily. It is most likely due to the nature of brown as a mix of all colors, with more orange or red to result in the overall warm appeal.

This is also the reason why brown can even work easily when you are using an eclectic color palette for your interior room, including in the case with brown and turquoise living room decorating ideas. Thanks to the color’s ability to connect with turquoise for a harmony without having to pull focus, brown is considerably a safest best compared to the black.

What about when using turquoise? The color can easily create a refreshing pop, making it a popular choice when people want to incorporate an accent color that can be easily noticed. Hence, you may want to incorporate this bright and refreshing shade for the brown and turquoise living room furniture, such as turquoise throw pillows to accent the brown leather sofa. Even better, you may want to incorporate the brown color by adding the natural texture, such as with wood or stone. The turquoise splash itself can balance out the rugged, natural texture for a more contemporary finish.

In the end, when it comes to the brown and turquoise living room, you do not only have to work with these two colors. Rather, you can still work with other color to create an interior color palette that can fit your personal design preference. To introduce the breezy, airy vibe, use ivory or broken white instead of crisp one, for instance.

Description: Brown and turquoise living room is a wonderful choice of interior color scheme if you want to combine two different colors with distinct characteristics without sacrificing mood.



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